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Booking & Cancellation
Safety & Logistics


Booking & Cancellation

How do I secure my booking?

You will need to fill up the Reservation & Booking form. Unless otherwise stated or discussed, generally a 50% deposit is required to secure the booking, with the balance payable at least 3 days before the charter date. Payment details are given in the Booking Form and can be made by cheque or by inter-bank/on-line transfer. After your deposit is received, we will email all relevant information for the charter.


Where are our yachts berthed ?

For the 48-footer “Trillion Star”, she is berthed at the Marina at Keppel Bay (MKB) located at 2 Keppel Bay Vista, Singapore 098382 which is near to HarbourFront and behind the Reflections Condominiums.

For the 75-footer “Winedown Too”, she is berthed at the Republic of Singapore Yacht Club (RSYC) located at 52 West Coast Ferry Road, Singapore 126887.


Can I view the yacht prior to booking?

Yes, you are most welcome to view/inspect the yachts before making the booking but prior appointment has to be made for the viewing.


Is it possible to extend the charter if everyone is enjoying themselves?

Yes, it is possible to extend the charter but it is always subjected to availability, weather conditions and subsequent schedule of the yacht. So if any extension is intended, please check with the Captain/Crew as early as possible and you will need to pay cash in advance to the boat captain or crew as we do not accept credit cards.


Cancellation policy

Cancellations made more than 14 days before date of commencement of the charter do not attract a cancellation fee and a full refund will be given. Cancellation made less than 14 days but not less than 3 days of the charter will attract a cancellation fee of 30% of the charter price. Cancellation less than 3 days will attract a cancellation fee of 50%.

If circumstances change on your end, we are more than happy to reschedule or change the charter date to another date/time for you with no service charge.



What is appropriate clothing and footwear for the yacht?

We ask all guests to wear as casually as possible. If you need to wear footwear onboard, you will need to carry/bring along non-marking soft-soles boat-shoes which are specially made for wearing onboard yachts. Leather soles, high heels, business shoes which not only is unsafe to wear onboard yachts will mark and damage the deck and flooring. Casual clothing of any kind which offers comfort and ease of moving around is recommended. Avoid bringing alot of cash and avoid wearing jewelleries and expensive clothing or shoes for the trip.


Can we self cater with our own food and drinks?

Yes. You can bring your owned cooked food including salt, pepper, sugar, cooking/salad oils/dressings and any beverages that you'll need for the trip. Alternatively, if you prefer, we can arrange BBQ food for you. Let us know and we will e-mail to you the BBQ food menu.

For beverages, we are sorry to say no red wines are allowed onboard as they will stain the deck and carpets incase of spillage. White wines and champagne are ok.


Does the yacht have a galley/kitchen?

Yes, both the yacht has a functional galley/kitchen with refrigerator, basin, work bench, electric cooker/hob, toaster, micro-wave oven & kettle.


Do we need to bring our own eating utensils ?

Yes, you are required to bring your own eating utensils e.g. paper plates, forks & knives, cups, etc... unless you have ordered the BBQ food from us in which case we will provide the eating utensils.


What about fresh water for bathing & drinking?

Although there are fresh water tanks fitted on both boats, the quantities are limited and so we request all guests not to waste fresh water and use only as much as it is needed. As for drinking, it is not desirable for direct drinking from the taps. So we fully recommend that you should bring some bottled water for the trip.


Do we have to pay corkage on food & beverages ?

No, we do not charge corkage when you bring your own food, wines and beverages.


Do you have provision for music

Yes, both yachts are fitted with a full-fledged Karaoke sound system with over 30,000 songs in the lounge area. There is also a 42” TV (on Trillion Star) and 48” TV (on Winedown Too) and DVD players which can also play VCDs and CDs. The TV will pick up local TV channels depending on the location of the boat and signal reception.

You can also dock your iPod or smart phones to the system to play your own music.


What toilet facilities are onboard?

Both yachts are equipped with marine toilets (heads), which are connected to holding tanks onboard to ensure our port & harbour is not polluted. The yachts also has fresh-water shower points and also showers are available in the toilets/heads.


Do I have to pay for the use of the entertainment & water-sports equipments onboard?

Generally, we do not charge for the use of the entertainment, water-sports and other equipment onboard. However, we seek your understanding that in the event of loss or damages caused by you or your guests to the equipments, we reserve the right to claim for repair and/or replacement costs. So we seek your kind co-operation to take good care of the boat, her fittings and all equipments onboard like your own belongings.

For a typical 4 to 5-hours yacht charters, what are the useful tips?

• Wear light casual clothing – avoid wearing skirts & dresses. Shorts are preferred.

• Bring your camera along – if possible water-proofed camera

• Bring along swimming trunks/costume & towels

• Baits & hooks for fishing if you want to try fishing.

• DVDs, VCDs and CDs if you want to play your own music.

• Eating utensils e.g. plates, cups, cutleries unless you have ordered BBQ from us.

• Ice – if you need alot of ice as the boat has small ice making capacity – Trillion Star

• Cooked food if you intend to have meals during the boat trip

• Foodstuff for BBQ if you intend to have BBQ during the boat trip

• Bottled mineral water for drinking


Safety & Logistics

What is the maximum capacity

On “Trillion Star”, she is certified by Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to carry a total of 14 persons i.e. 12 guests plus 1 Captain & 1 Crew.

On “Winedown Too”, she is certified by Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to carry a total of 30 persons i.e. 28 guests plus 1 Captain & 1 Crew.

Pls note under MPA Regulations, even an infant is counted as one person.


What is the maximum capacity for on-dock charters?

For on-dock charters, which is applicable to the 48-footer “Trillion Star”, since the boat does not sail out to sea, we can allow upto max of 25 persons. On-dock charter is not available on the 75-footer “Winedown Too”.


Are the yachts safe for children & elderly ?

Both the yachts are safe for children of all ages as long as they are accompanied by an adult during the boat trip. The yacht is fitted with steel railings and/or bulwark all around the deck and life jackets for all guests are available onboard. The enclosed lounge area/cabin is large enough to accommodate all certified number of guests comfortably. The after deck is also large and well protected with bulwark all round and so is safe for children. However, children especially young children should be under continuous adult supervision when onboard and while the boat is underway.

For safety reason, when submitting the booking form, please advise how many children, their age and whether they can swim or not.

As for elderly, both yachts are also safe and accessible for elderlies and we have guests who are almost 80years old for boat trips in the past.

For handicaps or those whose are restricted in their mobility, pls kindly check with us before booking.

Inclement weather postponement

Although our boat offers full weather protection from any unfavourable weather and sea conditions, it may still disrupt and upset your feelings and the enjoyment you are looking forward to.

So in the event of bad weather & sea conditions, our Captain/Crew will consult the Duty Officer of the marinas and determine if the charter can proceed. If not, we will be in touch with you to try to re-schedule your charter to another date and/or time slot. We would recommend that you should not take too much notice of the TV/Radio weather reports or rely on them too much as they are a general forecasts and may not apply to the actual weather conditions in the Southern Islands e.g. Lazarus Island.


Incase of any medical condition, what do we do ?

If there is any medical condition, restriction or allergies with any of the guests prior to the charter trip, pls advise us as soon as possible before the trip. We would recommend that the person should not take the charter trip to avoid any unexpected contingencies when the boat is out at sea away from Singapore mainland.


Can pick-up be arranged?

For those guests without transportation, we will try our best to assist to arrange private mini-bus for pick-up.


Where is the usual meeting point and how to get there?

Unless otherwise advised, the usual meeting point is at the main lobby of the respective marinas.

For the Trillion Star, she is berthed in a secured place with no access to the public. So when all your guests have arrived, pls call our Skipper or Crew so that they can come to the main Lobby to meet and walk/take you and your guests to the boat.

For the Winedown Too, she is berthed quite far from the main lobby/building, so pls kindly ensure all your guests have arrived before calling the boat captain or crew. For those who are driving, there is a hourly-rate car park payable by cash card/IU at both the marinas but the parking lots may be tight especially on weekends/holidays.


What are our commitments..?

• Our boat captains and crews are well qualified and experienced

• Our boats are fitted with navigational equipments, properly maintained, serviced and surveyed by the competent authorities.

• We are always happy to work with you to make sure your charter is pleasant, enjoyable and successful.

• We are small but we can attend to details and individual request

• We cleaned and detailed our yacht prior to every charter to give our guests a ship-shape atmosphere

• We monitor the weather and sea conditions regularly prior to every charter and if we have any concerns, we will be in touch with you.

• We offer our guests re-scheduling of charter trip in the event of bad weather and sea conditions.

• We do not charge when you make changes for the day and time of your boat trip

• We do not charge any extra fees/charges during the boat trip unless you extend the

boat trip. So you only pay what is agreed at the time of booking.